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From 2019 From the European South will be published twice a year: a monographic issue in the spring and a general issue in the fall.

We invite authors to send in articles for the year's general issue, and at the same time encourage prospective guest editors to submit thematic proposals for future monographic issues.

CURRENT | Open Call for Issue 5 | autumn 2019

The next issue of From the European South (FES) is open to contributions that speak to the core interests of the journal.

Please see the focus and scope section of FES before submitting your work.

Issue 5 welcomes unpublished, original contributions that sparkle productive dialogues between the postcolonial and other critical perspectives (such as decolonial, global, environmental, gender studies and critical theory), as well as different disciplines and geo-cultural locations. The journal is committed to a focus on the uneven power relationships between the North and the South of the world (as ‘labels’ that are hardly tenable and need to be critically addressed) and at the crossroads of class, gender, religion, ethnic belonging, and race.

We invite you to submit
- articles, reviews, interviews, creative interventions
- exploring textual, critical, figural, artistic, spatial, historical, social, political aspects of the postcolonial
- in the humanities: literature, language studies, philosophy, religion, history, geography, visual arts, performing arts…
- in the humanities that are also social sciences: anthropology, archaeology, area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, gender studies, politics, psychology, sociology…
- and possibly with a transdisciplinary approach


Deadline for article submission: April 30th, 2019

Acceptance of submitted articles: June 15th, 2019

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4 (2019) | what’s new about Africa in the 21st century?

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3 (2018) | general issue

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2 (2017) | insurgencies from the south and human rights

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1 (2016) | archivi del futuro, il postcoloniale e il tempo a venire

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